Book 2 "How?"
Orange Level

Pg. Theme Lesson Objective Structures/Verbs Oral Vocabulary
1 Cousin Clare intro. to new character Clare
review of musical instruments
How old, did, many...? feel, tap,tapping, sleep, slept kitten, puppy, cousin, plane, tent, woodpecker
2&3 The Plane
I am Flying
a flight experience
counting 1-80, biome
hug, kiss, hurt, excuse me
How about...? sinking How would...? Look how...
toilet, flight attendant, sir, high, above, below, buildings, traffic, city, deer, mountains, parrot, jungle, windmill, desert, whale, ship, ocean, scarecrow
4 Family Tree intro. to extented family members
drawing reinforcement activity
married, favorite/favourite
me, my, yourself
grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, mother/mum, father, heart, child, children
5 The Farmer is in the Barn following oral directions takes, stands, connect the dots wife, rat, alone, merry
6&7 Animal Offspring
Little Boy Blue
to teach the names of baby
farm animals
How could...? push, pull
How come? looks after
airport, (animal)pen, glad, calf, kid, duckling, foal, cygnet, piglet, lamb, meadow, corn, horn, donkey, haystack, gosling, chick
8 Carving Pumpkins feelings How is...? draw, cut, carve
How would...? glow
jack-o'-lantern, happy, sad, sleepy, spooky, angry, cute, silly, stem
9 Jack-o'-lantern
Five Little Pumpkins
shapes, theme based traditional song
review first - fifth, fingerplay
find and name, looking out...
said, rolled, blew out, run
circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, funny sight, windowsill, air, Halloween, witches
10&11 The Pond
Row Your Boat I & II
1-2-3-4-5 Caught a Fish
Hole in the Bucket
5 Little Spotted Frogs
introduction to pond life forget, fish, fishing, row, rowing, skip, catch, caught, wiggling, fix, scaring, alive, let go, bit, bite, gently, wildly, throw, scream, sharpen, carry stream, rowboat, stone, stupid, long, middle sized, skinny, slimy, juicy, big, bigger, biggest, raccoon/racoon, frog eggs, tadpoles, frogs, lily pads, dragonfly, snake, skunk, bobbin, hook, fishingpole, straw, bucket
12 Dress-Up to teach common dress up items use, get dressed glasses, necktie, bow tie, mask, bald head, wigs, punk hair, braids, moustache, beards, hairspray, make- up, magic wand, bag, toy gun, cane
13 How Do I Look? design your own costume How do...? old man, cowboy, indian princess
14&15 Trick-or-Treat exposure to Halloween give me, tired, dead, count, skeleton, spooky, scary, ghost, grand
16&17 Ghost of John lyrics for seven songs   chilly, skin
18 Candy Count Off
5 Senses Dance
counting by 2, 5, and 10 to 60
five sences
How much...?
How did ...? collect, dance, see, hear, smell, touch, taste
much candy, many sweets, pillow case, most, least, left, right, sweet, sour, salty
19 Sweet, Sour, Salty categorizing items taste, circle(verb) review of previously learned vocabulary
20&21 Stone Soup to stimulate storytelling, role-playing, and listening skills tell, kissing, knocked, cook, borrow, tasted, reached, rode, boil blanket, something, anything, pot, fire, onion, potato, delicious, pepper, corn, tomato
22&23 Spooky Shadows
connecting hearing with seeing
musical oral exercise
I see, I hear, I smell, I am thirsty, was, had forest animals, shadows, moths, fireflies, crickets, wolf
24 Star Light, Star Bright
Twinkle, Twinkle
traditional poem
traditional song
bright, wish
How I wonder...
star, world, first, diamond
25 Found a Peanut to stimulate storytelling, role-playing, and listening skills How do you feel? farting, stink, ate, cracked doctor, peanut, medicine, rotten
26&27 Conversation Pages to stimulate spontaneous
conversation skills
How?! utilization of previously acquired oral vocabulary and sentence structures
28 Verbs conjugation of commonly used verbs in Book 2, Orange Level blow, blowing, blew, feel, feeling, felt, push, pushing, pushed, pull, pullling review
29 Find & Name the Shadow to strenghten the recall of newly acquired nouns How many shadows...? ladybug/bird, firefly, parrot, deer, scarecrow, crow, parrot, dragonfly, snake, skunk, raccoon/racoon
30 Circle Time Song to reinforce the correct application of the word How How many..? How high..? How big..? How fast...? hold On your mark, get set, go!
31 Diploma positive reinforcement How are you feeling today? I feel terrific, because...
Make a wish.