Book 1 "Why?"
Orange Level

Pg. Theme Lesson Objective Structures/Verbs Oral Vocabulary
1 Opening and Closing
Song: Why-Why-Why?
to introduce the question "Why?" Why are we/you -ing?
Because I/we...
present & past tense
running, eating, drinking, know, because
2 The Postman answering the door,
an invitation,
and the phone
Why are you here?
open, opening
package/parcel, letter, grandmother, grandma, zoo, grandfather, grandpa, love
3 Hello? phoning to convey a message Why are you calling? pick up friend, afternoon, "See you later alligator."
4 & 5 Mr. Fix-it
Work with 1 Hammer
introduction to common tools
musical oral exercise
fix, broken, bring, work
I can work with...
saw, glue, nails, screw, screwdriver, no more hammer
5 Fix-it Shop toys and their parts Why are the ...&... here?
Why do you have...? working, fixed
both, rollerblade, tricycle, wheel, plane, Bulldozer, handle, shovel, tail
6 & 7 Going to the Zoo following oral directions waiting, sit, sitting, come along,
pick up
ready, front, back, review buildings/shops, everybody, past, bright
8 A Balloon Man counting 1-50, comparing holding, is as... above, counting by tens to 40, lime
9 Opposite Zoo introducing a new concept Why donīt you...?
Why is this...?
camera, zookeeper, welcome, together, everybody
10 First Stop hot & cold, long & short Why are a... and a... opposites? giraffe, penguin, lives, spotted
11 Second Stop
The Elephantīs Trunk
big & little, weak & strong
elephantīs features via music
Why is a...? carry,
swinging, flopping, stomping
trunk, tusks, shell, funny, tiny, large, grund, snail, elephant
12 Third Stop
The Funny Fat Walrus
wet & dry
musical intro to the walrus
Why are an...? live
flippers, whiskers, sandy, dry, walrus, ostrich, fat, wet
13 Fourth Stop
Candy Shop
Chewing Gum
introduction to candy/sweets
musical role-play
dollar and cents, rhyming
I will buy... Would you like...
What color/colour...
buy, bought, gave, chew
lollipop, chewing gum, bubble gum, penny, candy, nickel, pickle, quarter, water, dollar, parlor/parlour, 100 cents
14 Fifth Stop
Monkeys in a Tree
large & small
counting backward: 50, 40,...10
look at...
teasing, snap, ran away, catch
anteater, alligator, really
15 Sixth Stop fast & slow I see... cheetah, tortoise, very
16 Seventh Stop white & black ...are opposites polar bear, gorilla, fur, all
17 Eigth Stop fat & thin, dirty & clean playing yuck, pretty, know, hippo, flamingo
18 Sally the Camel first, second, third, fourth ride, Ready? Set-Go Why? friendly, together, camel
19 Poor Zebra to teach basic patterns sneezed away stripes, spots, dots, checkered/chequered, colorful/colourful, poor, this, that
20 Why Are We So Different musical comparison Why do I? Why do you? Why do we? beak, freckles, paws, skin, feathers, hooves
22 Costumes language stimulation invite, dance, laughing, scream,
scared, Why did you...?
many, beautiful, tiger, dress up
23 Animal Dance musical animal-body review shake, speak well
24 Fronts and Backs matching & expressing color/colour, circle, match oral language review exercise
25 Gray/grey Squirel asking for help when lost crying, got lost, wait, swish, wrinkle police officer, bushy
26 Conversation Pages to stimulate spontaneous
conversation skills
Why is...happy/sad?
Tell me why
utilization of previously acquired oral, vocabulary and sentence structures
28 Monkey Face to stimulate storytelling
and listening skills
How is that? said animal review, nice better, beautiful, great, super, very nice, love it, everyone, but
30 Verbs conjugation of commonly used
verbs in Book 1, Orange Level
read, reading, carry, carrying, carried, ride, riding, rode, come coming, came review
31 Diploma positive reinforcement Why is the teacher laughing? because you finished...