Book 4 "Where?"
Yellow Level

Pg. Theme Lesson Objective Structures/Verbs Oral Vocabulary
1 Opening and Closing Songs: Where is/was...? formal salutations and naming of the five digits Where is/was...? How are/were you? pointer, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinkie/little finger
2 More Colors/Colours
light and dark colors, mixing colours Kevin will mix, I am mixing, colorful/colourful, gray/grey, light, dark
Messy Kevin a musical review I painted, I did not have messy, paintbrush, messiest
4 Witch Hat
My Hat has 3 Corners
repetitive language and fill-in look at my..., I can fly... it has, it hasn't got, my corners, triangle, broom, witch
5 Triangle Hat to learn 4 main shapes, coloring reinforcement activity too, I can sail pirate, boat, sea, sunrays, flag, map, patch triangle, circle, square, rectangle, seahorse
6 Lost Dog questions and answers Where is...? leash/lead, dog collar, bowl, bone, steps, magnifying glass, cupboard
Where Can my Dog Be? Where is Joe?
Old Mother Hubbard
reinforcing activity prepositions
Theme based rhyme
Where can...? He is not..., Where was... tail, short, long in, on, across, up, by, under, behind, here, empty/bare, cupboard
7 Detective Kevin following oral directions connect utilization of previously aquired vocabulary
8 The Cat is Sleeping prepositions Where are...? There is... sock(s), in front of, between, over, around
9 Not like the others vocalizing reasoning skills is not, can not/cannot yes, very good, super, great, good
10 What a Mess! Indoor toys and play-things Where are my... Where is my... blocks, racecars/racing cars, cards, game board,memory game
Where am I? piggy bank, puzzle, paint box, puppet, train, checkers, detective book
12 Let's Go Shopping occupations and stores Where are you? Where can I buy...? shopping, meet hotdogs, plum, hour, butcher, baker, florist, grocer, ice-cream man
13 Wheels on the Bus sounds and bus nouns round, around motor, wipers, horn, town
14 Butcher salutation, ordering Can I help..., You, too. hamburgers, pickles, grams, Euro
15 Florist common flowers and a review of colors/colours I would like.... bouquet, tulip, rose, lily, bluebell, bow, pansy, violet, pot
16 Alphabet Song, Pat-a-cake Baker, Muffin Man auditory training, English ABC's musical oral exercise, common bakery items to sing, roll, pat, mark, fast
What can I do for you?
next time, thank-you oven, me pretzels, muffin(s)
17 Grocer, Little Jack Horner expressing a wish or need mixed bag, Christmas, pie, corner
18 Ice-cream man common ice-cream vocab. Where are... everyone, flavor/flavour, vanilla, lemon, cone, sprinkles, cup, scoop(s)
20 Rub-a-dub a rapping review of occupations Where do they work? butcher shop, bakery, flower shop, ice-cream parlor/ parlour, grocery store, shop/store
21 I sell... workplace riddle review I sell..., Where do I work? works more
22 Daddy is Sick/ill Daddy is Sick/ill You are sick/ill, he is, you have
Get Well Soon.
hot water bottle, pills/tablets, thermometer, tissues, cough drops, cough medicine, throat, aches, hurts
24 Months musical exposure to the months, rhyme My birthday is in..., Tell me..., How many? 12 months
26 Conversation Pages to stimulate spontaneous Where is everyone? Utilization of previously aquired oral vocabulary and sentence structures.
oral language What are they doing?
28 Mother's Birthday, Happy Birthday, Roses are Red counting 1-40, traditional song, traditional poem Where were you born? earrings, beautiful
30 Verbs review of verbs buy- bought, sell-sold, feed-fed, sew-sewn utilization of previously aquired vocabulary
31 Diploma positive reinforcement Where do you like to be? Beautiful Work!