Book 3 "When?"
Yellow Level

Pg. Theme Lesson Objective Structures/Verbs Oral Vocabulary
1 Opening and Closing Songs: When the Sun Rises to learn salutations in respect to the time of day When the sun... rises, is out, sets, wake up, go to bed, sing good morning, have a nice day, good night
2 It is Morning describing an early morning ritual When will... get up, snoring, dreaming breakfast
3 Breakfast breakfast staples, manners God bless you, thank- you, may I have, you`re welcome cereal, yogurt, tea, butter, honey, jam, orange juice, roll(s), bread, slice, egg(s), hard/soft boiled
4 The Weather describing basic weather When you look... rainy, sunny, snowy, windy, snowflakes, snowman, hat
6 Rainy Day to learn rain gear terms When I go... will take, will wear rain hat, umbrella, rubber boots/wellingtons, raincoat/mac, puddles, mud
7 Itsy Bitsy Spider
Old Man Snoring
poems supporting the rainy day theme washed, dried, raining, pouring waterspout, again
8 Clocks common clocks and sizes When? tells me, it goes middle - sized, grandfather clock, wristwatch/watch, alarm clock
9 Hickory - Dickory rhyming - auditory training, finger-play struck, ran, yelled 1 mouse, many mice
10 5 Fat Sausages lunch staples counting: 1 - 30
When the pan...
pan, sausage, french fries,chips, ketchup/tomato ketchup, mustard
11 Body more body parts smile, sitting up, upside down face, cheeks, teeth, neck, chest, stomach, ankles, elbows, wrists, front, back, cheese (to smile)
12 Day & Night to describe differences seen When the sun shines...
When the moon glows...
When do you see...
squirrel, hedgehog, bat, light, dark
14 Happy & Sad oral language and reasoning happy when...
sad when...
15 Hokey Pokey
Happy and You Know It
through repitition and movement feelings and body parts are reviewed if, put, bend down whistle, laugh, snap
16 Sizes classification small, middle-sized, large plants, bugs, fruits, animals, bush
17 Set/Lay the table dinner, utensils, set/lay the table When is..., forget, fast dinner, glass(es), fork(s), knife(knives), spoon(s), plate(s), napkin(s)/serviette(s), placemat(s), cheese, spaghetti, meatball
18 On Top of Spaghetti traditional song to review vocab hold onto, sneeze mush
20 Seasons to teach the 5 terms for the 4 seasons splash, sled/sledge
When the * falls
all around, spring, springtime, summer, summertime, fall, autumn, winter, wintertime
22 Getting Ready for Bed describing an evening ritual wash, brush, front, back, sides, putting on, turn off washcloth/flannel, soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup of water, pajamas/pyjamas
23 Bedroom common items found in a child `s bedroom would you like... lamp/light, flashlight/torch, bunk bed, lightswitch, toy-box
24-25 Sheep to Sleep instruments, counting: 1 - 30 fall asleep triangle, flute, guitar, piano, drum
26 Conversation spontaneous oral language When is * happy?
When is * sad?
oral language review exercise
28 Goldilocks story to stimulate conversation and role playing read
When are you...
Once upon a time...the end nobody, tired, hard, soft, just right, all gone
30 Verbs review of verbs dream, dreamt, sleep, slept, break, broke, wake, woke ---
31 Diploma positive reinforcement When will Book 3 be finished? Super Work