Appropriate for Ages 3  to 10

Finally!  Developmentally appropriate material that successfully meets the ORAL LANGUAGE needs of beginning English language students AND it can be easily integrated into the child’s daily routine. Wow!


ENGLISH IS FUN is a ground breaking attempt to bring the teaching of English as a Second Language into the 21st Century.  It is a unique method because it exposes young learners to Medium English. Medium English is an acknowledgement to all English speaking countries that their English is “English” and it is correct.  Just as there are many accepted ways to say couch in English; davenport, canopy, ... there are different ways to express and/or spell things in Medium English (ladybug, ladybird, tire, tyre...). Mainly due to today’s mass media (t.v., movies, and videos) English is a language that constantly is growing and changing.  Learning with ENGLISH IS FUN gives children the opportunity to not only learn English, but to learn an English with many dimensions.

ENGLISH IS FUN was published using material that has been tested and successfully used to teach English to young children in many different situations;  small and large groups, ages 3-10 years old, in private and public-settings, since 1989.  It is a mixture of original and traditional material as well as up-dated traditionals.  ENGLISH IS FUN ® was founded in 1994 and is now available to the public!

Diane Kisling, an American certified Special Education Teacher (Communication Handicapped and Neurological Impaired) K-12 residing in Germany since 1988  and founder of Englisch ENGLISH IS FUN, has revised her fun and age appropriate language material and brought it up to date.   English Is Fun is a lively program developed exclusively for teaching ORAL ENGLISH to children.

The ENGLISH IS FUN books contain many full-color/colour interesting pictures to entice children to look through the books and listen to the CDs independently. Each unit contains a  vocabulary review game. The books were designed to develop and encourage conversation skills and thus do not have a lot of coloring/colouring pages. The printed matter was intended for the trained instructor’s usage.

In the program students will meet young characters in real life and humorous situations.  The situations provide the context in which students develop their oral language skills. Through story, role playing, games, songs, rhymes and instructor modeling the lessons will provide a natural and enjoyable learning environment for students to learn Medium English.

ENGLISH IS FUN is a two year English language program, designed to teach young learners in a non-English speaking environment, to learn to speak and converse.  The material consists of a total of eight storybook quality workbooks, that introduce medium English (American and British) with accompanying lively CDs and four games per level.  Each book contains a table of contents to give the trained instructor and parent a quick insight into the book’s contents and goals.  Theme based opening and closing songs enrich the students learning experience.  Each book contains an intriguing two page conversation layout to entice young learners to utilized vocabulary and grammar skills in spontaneous oral expressions. Positive reinforcement, in the form of a student-diploma, concludes each unit.  The programs first six books lead the students to the successful utilization of the most important words in a child’s repertoire: who, what, when, where, why, and how.

An effort was made to keep the oral language presented on the CD very structured yet as natural as possible.  Many voices were utilized to alleviate the possibility of a child becoming fixated on and understanding only one speaker or dialect.  Almost no contractions can be heard on the CD.  It was assumed that the classroom instructor would be using contractions when speaking everyday English with her.

If you are a native speaker or have mastered the English language, and enjoy working creatively with children then Englisch Macht Spaß may be the perfect opportunity for you.  Instructing with this motivating material is fun and interesting.

Instructor Training Classes, taught by Diane Kisling, are available.


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The English is Fun CD plays a major role in the program’s undeniable success.  The music was composed and produced specifically to accommodate the listening tastes of today’s youth, by the award-winning team of Torsten de Winkel (New York) and Christian Lohr (Munich).  They have brought their vast musical experiences with top artists such as Whitney Houston, Pat Metheny, Nena, and many others, to tailor the EIF material to ensure that children truly enjoy listening to the “soundtrack” which camouflages a highly structured oral English language program in plenty of fun and educational music that will be eagerly listened to daily.  The learning process, fostered by the repeated hearing of the CDs, is thereby sheltered from becoming an unpleasant duty and can easily become an intuitive and enjoyable voluntary activity!

The Englisch Macht Spaß / English is Fun books and CDs are protected by a copyright.  All rights are reserved.  No part of the material may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from Englisch Macht Spaß/ English is Fun: D. & C. Kisling, Germany.