Book 2 "Who"
Yellow Level

Pg. Theme Lesson Objective Structures/Verbs Oral Vocabulary
1 Opening and Closing Songs:
1 - 2 - 3
describing friends Who do I see? friend, old, young
2 Introduction Self introduction and introducing someone I am ... he/
she is ...
older, sister, brother
3 Finger People Names of fingers in correlation with learning family members How many? meet, come, first, then, last family, people, father, mother, tall, doll, baby, thumb, pointer/ index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky/ little finger
4 My family Naming members of the family Who are you? How old are you? draw, we, your different, every
5 Different Recognizing differences Comparative sentences short, man
6 Monkey See & Do
Introduction of verbs When I ... the monkey... do, wave, laugh, cry, stamp monkey, happy, sad
Diddle Dumpling Brother John Family relations ring son, off, on, bell, trousers morning
7 Monkeys on the Bed Chant fell off, say,bump, call, counting backwards 5 - 0 doctor, no more, bed
8 A Hot Day Clothing wear, getting dressed, go out, ready- set- go! clothes, cap, shorts, T-shirt, sneakers/trainers, sandals, hat, scarf, mittens, gloves, turtleneck/poloneck, pants, jacket, boots, neck, chest, body, hot, cold
9 A Cold Day
10 Who is in the bed? 10 in Bed Counting skills Counting backwards 10 - 1 was/ where, roll over, said nice, good night
11 Animals Should Not Wear Clothes reinforcing song should not, should review of animals & clothing
12 Who is home?
Up & Downstairs
Practice " Who" questions, learning about the home WhoWho is in, at, under, by?
Who can find?
Who is upstairs?
Who can count?
counting 1 - 20
bathroom, bedroom, living room kitchen, upstairs, downstairs, couch, bathtub, rocking horse, stove, clown, clock, refrigerator/fridge, television/ t.v.
14 Snacks and Drinks hungry and thirsty, introducing foods/ fruits I am hungry!
I am thirsty!
banana, strawberry, pear, grapes, apple, cherry, orange, peach, watermelon, chocolate cake, ice cream, ice tea, hot tea, juice, milk, hot chocolate, cookie/biscuit
16 Who can find...? Formulating "WHO" questions Who can find...?
I can. I found...
review clothing
17 Come Play communication Who is there? me, I knock outside
18 Playground Use of prepositions Where is...?
on, in, at, under, next to
seesaw, slide, sandbox/ sandpit, pail/bucket, swing, tire/tyre swing, tree house, bubbles, hole scooter, wagon, turtle, basketball, shovel/spade jump-rope/skipping rope, sunflower, daisy, playground
20 Listen and Color/ Colour Auditory discrimination & following directions find, color, rhyme ---
21 Little Red House Story
Apple Tree-Poem
Use of adjectives, asking for help, role-playing Can you help us? Looking for, smile, go ask, counting 5 - 1 chimney, star, inside, rainbow, moon
22 Snack time
Ants go Marching
Practice of foods, counting I like.../ I do not like... manners, tie, suck, pick up picnic, basket, fruit, ant, rain, beehive, sticks, gate, the end, thank- you, you`re welcome
24 Bugs to learn the names of common "insects" --- spider, butterfly, bee, grasshopper, worm, caterpillar, ladybug/ ladybird
25 The Green Grass Grows All Around Echo Song preposition activity grow ground, branch, twig, nest, egg, wing, pretty
26 Conversation Spontaneous Oral Language Who sees a...?
What is the... doing?
language review exercise
28 Verbs Review of Verbs fall- fell, eat- ate, drink- drank, roll- rolled, shake- shook, dig- dug shakers
30 I Know An Old Lady
Who swallowed a Fly
Repetitive Review Song swallow, cry- cried, catch, think fly, lady, poor, stomach
31 Diploma Positive Reinforcement Who finished? Great Work, owl