Book 1 "What?"
Yellow Level

Pg. Theme Lesson Objective Structures/Verbs Oral Vocabulary
1 Kevin Self introduction
Introduction to the English language
I am.../...years old.
My name is...
I /you can...
To speak
Watch out!
house, mouse, bear, etc.
fun, boy, English
2 Magic
3 Watch-out!
4 Hello Boys and Girls: Opening and Closing Songs Salutations Hello and Good-bye
past and present
are, were, am, was, is
5 Sizes Size differences, Plurals What size is...?
This is...
These are...
big, little, same size, girl, book, pencil, cake, candle, 1-2-3-4
6 English School Find construction of questions and answers What is it?
What do you see?
What can you find?
school, teacher, rug, shelf, mirror, window, door, wall, poster, picture, chalkboard, chalk, tape, tape recorder, floor, table, chair, scissors, crayons, die/dice, pencil, pencil sharpener, me, my
8 Chin & Lips, Head-Toes, Iīve got 2 Reinforcing melodies
Body Awareness
blink, clap, stamp, etc.
freeze, turn around
9 My Body Body parts and functions What can you ... with? body, lips, nose, mouth, ears, chin, eyes, toes, knees, hair, shoulders, hair, head, tongue, legs, arms, fingers, foot, feet
10 I Can
I Can Not
Use of -can- with other verbs I can do it!
Can you do it?
I /we can...
play, jump, chase, turn, around, colour, touch, draw
ball, high, apple, eagle
12 Going Home Transportation It is time to go home!
i go home by...
run, walk
home, bicycle, motorcycle/motorbike, bus, car
14 Old Mc Donaldīs Farm Farm animals with sounds What animal do you see?
What sound does the animal make?
cow, goat, hen, horse, rooster, pig, barn, farmer, duck sheep, goose, swan, pond
16 Walking Home Counting What do you see?
counting 1-10
house, apartment/flat, building, traffic light, stop sign, tree, street, window, dandelion, lion, sun, cloud, truck/lorry
18 Color/Colour
Colours I am walking.
I see...
red, orange, white, green, blue, yellow, black, purple, gray/grey, loud, quiet, fun
19 About Me Self description Iam...
Ihave got...
I live in...
blonde, long, short, curly, straight
20 Lion Hunt Use of verbs What is that?
look, go, push, climb, swim, open, close, follow
field, tall, grass, under, over, through, up, down
21 Follow Paw Prints Oral directions   paw prints, footprints
22 My House Description and use of possessives My...
neighbor/neighbour, live
23 Clapping Game
What did you see?
use of past tense
Irregular plurals
What did you see?
I saw...
2 feet, 3 geese, 4 sheep
24 My Pets Pets and their homes What can your pets do?
fly, sleep, hop, eat
fish, bird, dog, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, fishbowl, cage, hutch, cat
25 Pet Chant   Can it?
Can + verb
yes, no
26 Conversation
Stimulate fluency What do you see?
What can
langage review exercise
28 Verbs Commands in the imperative form stand up, sit down, open, close, take, sharpen, put crayon, circle
30 What? Game page Practice and review Can you find?
31 Diploma Positive Reinforcement   Good work!